Best and Worst Condo Improvements for Sales in Vancouver

Adding value to Coal Harbour condos is important, and a lot easier than you might believe. Homeowners are split over making improvements to their property. Some believe minor improvements will boost their sale’s potential, whereas others believe nothing is necessary. Somewhere between the two thoughts lies the truth. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend thousands making improvements to your condo to generate interest from buyers. So, what are the best and worst condo improvements for your home?

Positive Improvements to Make – Curb Appeal

Before any potential buyer steps into your home, they will be greeted with the exterior and if that looks uninviting, it’ll be off-putting. If a buyer can’t get past their first impression, they won’t like the home no matter how spectacular it looks from the inside. So, the first good improvement you can make to your home, is the curb appeal. You could paint the exterior of the condo to give it a brighter appearance, or just tidy up the exterior to remove any debris that might be off-putting. Downtown Vancouver condos need good curb appeal, regardless of how impressive the home looks inside.

Negative Improvements to Make – Unnecessary Renovations

If a condo is in a state of disrepair then you, of course, need to make urgent changes to ensure the property is safe and sellable. However, a lot of property owners go crazy with renovations as they believe it’ll be the best way to increase their chances of a sale. That isn’t always a wise way to spend your money. Coal Harbour condos don’t always need huge renovation work, not if the layout is good and home is in decent condition.

Positive Improvements to Make – Redecorate Downtown Vancouver Condos

While you might like how you’ve decorated your home, others might not. Sometimes, its easier for buyers to picture a room when the walls are neutral. It sounds boring but it helps to make a room lighter, airier, and clear. Buyers can often picture how they’ll decorate a room so it’s good to opt for subtle décor. Of course, Coal Harbour condos don’t need to be redecorated throughout but maybe in the hallway and front room could be. Find out more at

The Worst Improvement to Make is Piling Clutter into An Unused Room

Homeowners tend to declutter their bedrooms and living rooms so that cupboards look neater and rooms tidier. On the positive side, it makes the home more inviting; on the negative side, most of the decluttered items are thrown into another room or storage space. That isn’t the smartest way to improve a condo, especially when you want to make a sale. Downtown Vancouver condos need to be fully decluttered which means removing the items you will never use or want. Taking a few moments to properly declutter is important, but you can’t just throw the items into another part of the home.

Make Your Home Sellable

Condos are in demand but there are no guarantees your property will be sold so quickly. Sometimes, it isn’t the simple sticking points of location or price that puts off potential buyers. Sometimes, it’s the actual home. What you have to do, as the property owner, is make simple improvements so the condo is more appealing to a range of buyers. Coal Harbour condos can be a great selling point for many, as long as the property looks good. More details!